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Privacy Policy

This is a privacy policy for MYO TRADING LIMITED. Our home page on the Web is located at

About Us

MYO TRADING LIMITED pledge our commitment in guarding your privacy. We promise that all information received will be used only according to the relevant laws and regulations. We will not pass any details to any other party for marketing unless we receive your permission after asking you first.

We may use third parties in helping us to process your orders but no information given will be able to identify you personally. You also have the option in choosing to what extent your personal data is kept by us whilst, purchasing a MYO TRADING LIMITED product.


MYO TRADING LIMITED uses cookies as part of the instrument to hold the shopping basket contents during each visit that you make to the site. We require both permanent and session cookies to be enabled.

There is no obligation to have third party cookies enabled for our site to work, however when carrying out market research, a third party assists with this, during which they may distribute a cookie from our site. Some of our carefully selected affiliates may also issue cookies so that they can track sales at MYO TRADING LIMITED through them. If third party cookies are not accepted it does not affect the performance of our site.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute, please contact [email protected]

Privacy policy – FULL TEXT


Please read this Privacy Policy carefully.

By using this website, you are agreeing to accept the manner in which MYO TRADING LIMITED carries out the procedure described in this privacy policy.

We respect your privacy and will treat such information provided to this website as described in this privacy statement.

Our Privacy Policy will explain how we acquire and use your information, whilst holding, using or dispatching the data according to applicable data protection regulations.

This website may have links to third party websites. MYO TRADING LIMITED take no responsibility for the manner in which these bodies conduct their own privacy policies or for their website content. Therefore, you will need to read any privacy policies that those websites have before agreeing to their terms.

This Privacy Policy is relevant from 1st October 2010 for this website for an indefinite period. MYO TRADING LIMITED have the right to adapt the terms of the privacy policy in its sole judgement, at any time and without notice. All terms that are modified will become active after a 7 day period after publication on this website. Therefore, regularly checking and making an up to date copy for your records of the privacy policy is advised.

MYO TRADING LIMITED may hold, use or dispatch your personal information from computers in or outside the U.K. Please note that laws in other countries may not be as firm as in the U.K. and by using this website, you are consenting and allowing MYO TRADING LIMITED to engage in these activities. MYO TRADING LIMITED will make sure that your information is treated as stated in this privacy policy and in accordance with the data protection act 1998.

Access to your Personal Information

You have the right to any information held about yourself by MYO TRADING LIMITED. If you wish for such information to be edited or changed due to any mistakes, feel free to contact us and we will make suitable corrections.

Dispute Resolution

In case of any dispute, please contact [email protected].

Information We Collect About You

  • Examples of information that we may collect from your visit to the website but is not limited to depends on the activities that you carry out. We may collect:
  • contact information- such as name, address and telephone number,
  • online contact information- such as your email address,
  • purchase information- such as credit card details, which we will never store,
  • Details on your visit type- such as navigation and click-stream data, website access time, visit duration, your viewed/searched for products, items in your basket and when you abandoned your basket,
  • information from cookies, and
  • information on your computer and connection.

2. How We Collect Your Personal Information

MYO TRADING LIMITED collects your personal information in 3 different ways:

either by you typing your personal information in,

or by the automatic data capture as you use the website,

A) Typing in Personal Information

When making an order we will need you to type in standard information for MYO TRADING LIMITED to take payment and deliver your package safely and to the address of your choice. We will also ask you to provide an E-Mail address to receive E_Mail alerts.

B) Automatic collection

Like the majority of websites, our website uses ‘cookies’. A cookie is a piece of data that our website automatically moves to a directory on the hard drive of your PC when your browser enters our website. Cookies identifys a PC, but never the individual using a PC.

If you browse our website information such as- computer and connection information, browser type and version, IP address, operating system and platform details, the time of accessing the website - is programmed to be collected about you. This data may be analysed for research and development to improve the website.

Disabling cookies

You are able to set your browser to disable cookies or notify you when a cookie is about to be transferred to your PC, allowing you to decide whether or not to accept it. If you do not want to accept third party cookies, our website can still function on your PC, but it may prevent access to some areas, which may or may not be of interest to you. If you do leave cookies turned on, please be sure to sign off when you are finished using a shared computer.

C) Information from third parties

MYO TRADING LIMITED may also update our records of you from receiving third party information, such as a new delivery address from a courier. We may also research your details of credit history in order to prevent fraudulent activities.

How We Identify You

As explained above, every time your web browser enters our website, we routinely receive and store specific information about you, by assigning a cookie on your computer.

Two types of cookies are used on our website

Session cookies (which is only in the cookie file as long as you are entered into the website) are used:

  • to allow you to bring information from one page of our website to another without having to re-write it, and
  • to allow you to maintain a shopping basket on each visit to the website.

Persistent cookies (which remain in the cookie file for than after leaving the website) helps us to identify if you have entered the website already using the same computer, and if so enables the website to remember specified personal information you provided, remembers the amount of visits that you have made to our website, where you browse, what you have purchased.


If you ever supply us with an email address, we will be able to relate this email address back to your browsing and purchase experiences from prior occasions.

What We Use Your Information For

The main reason for data collection is to process your orders in their totality more effectively. This may include but is not limited to: payment, billing, delivery, enquiries, promotion, recommendations and improvements.

Marketing and business development purposes

We will use your E-Mail address in order to inform you of any promotions or new products/collections. We will also occasionally use post to contact you sometimes if we believe you may be interested.

Opting in and Opting Out

You may opt out at any time even if you have previously wished to receive marketing material and product updates at the time, but change your mind and do not want to receive this information anymore, simply E-Mail ([email protected] and write a brief message to inform us that you do not want to receive our information anymore and what E-Mail address you would like us to remove from our customer database. This will be done as soon as possible for you.

We may use the IP address to collect broad demographic information. This will be used to protect ourselves and users from fraud.

Use of your information by third parties

MYO TRADING LIMITED will never sell personal information about their clients. However, we may at time to time share the information on the following circumstances:

MYO TRADING LIMITED collects statistics from the website traffic. We may pass this to trusted third parties in order to improve on the service we provide to you. The information shared cannot be used to identify anybody.

When buying a product from this website, you are consenting to allow MYO TRADING LIMITED to share personal information with third parties that will help us process your order or comply with the law. This may include but is not limited to; Banks, credit card companies, couriers, law enforcement, fraud detection/prevention agencies and credit risk reduction agencies.

If MYO TRADING LIMITED is ever sold or transferred into alternative ownership, your personal information will also be transferred to this body as it is a valuable part of MYO TRADING. However, use of your personal data will be treated as explained in this privacy policy and by using this website you hereby consent to such a transfer happening.


What Security Checks do we carry out?

We have a strict policy against fraudulent activity and will therefore, process random security checks. This may even result in you being contacted by phone before giving out your order.

At times we may feel it necessary to request a copy of a recent statement for the card you are planning to use for the order. We will do this to confirm the details that you have already provided to us: name of cardholder, address and card details. We do not need to see any details on personal transactions and once confirmation is received, the details will be shredded immediately. We are very grateful for understanding the procedures necessary to combat fraud.

Personal firewalls

The use of personal firewall software (e.g. Zone Alarm, PTF) has increased. Under certain circumstances these firewalls may deny access to our (and other websites') secure servers. To enable access to secure servers, check that the firewall is configured to allow the web browser to connect over port 443 (SSL). We are also aware of instances whereby stopping and restarting the firewall may resolve connectivity problems.

Security on the website

We adhere to up to date and imposed industry standard procedures to protect your privacy, whether it is data given to us or when you are broadcasting. This includes firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption software.

Is your internet connection secure?

Your payment and order details are normally sent to us across a secure connection. The information is encrypted and cannot be read by anyone other than us and persons authorised by us.

However, some computers prevent this secure connection. In order for us proceed with an order, we have to provide a less secure connection to users who encounter this problem. You are able to use a standard server to place an order but be aware that your information will not be encrypted when passed to us.

Unfortunately, MYO TRADING LIMITED cannot accept liability for any losses caused to you as a result of using a non-secure connection. Also, although the secure encryption we use is internationally considered as secure, MYO TRADING LIMITED cannot accept liability should such encryption be broken. Please take the utmost care whenever you visit our website or any other site. Once you have completed your purchase, we recommend that you close all browsers.